A series of designs for Vinylograph’s test and limited edition lathe cuts by various artists made between 2017-2018

Vinylograph 7 testschnitts

fig. 1 – Vinylograph generic and testschnitt 7″ sleeves (2018)

Puneh Ansari 7 versions

fig. 2 – 7″ sleeve designs for Puneh Ansari’s single “Empfohlene Abspielgeschwindigkeit” (2017). Front cover illustration by Puneh Ansari.

Cornelius Berkowitz 7

fig. 3 – typographic 7″ sleeve design for Kornelius Berkowitz’s single “Écart” (2017)

Claus Fovea 7

fig. 4 – 7″ sleeve design for Claus Fovea’s “Never Forever / Driving Me” single (2017)

Aviadoras 7

fig. 5 – 7″ sleeve design for Aviadoras’ “Caminos” single (2017). Images: public domain.

Mala Herba + Hextape 7

fig. 6 – 7″ sleeve design for Mala Herba / Hextape’s split single (2018)

Vinylograph 7 inserts

fig. 7 – 7″ insert designs for singles by Mala Herba / Hextape, Cornelius Berkowitz, Claus Fovea and Aviadoras, between 2017-2018


Popsimonova + Zarkoff

Illustration work in the style of Patrick Nagel was originally intended for the collaboration vinyl 12″ EP by Popsimonova and Zarkoff, taken under consideration by Domestica Records, but the idea for the project was sadly abandoned. Subsequently, Zarkoff’s portrait was adapted for the 3-track compact disc release on 0.5 (2014), thus commemorating the death of Patrick Nagel, who passed away in 1984. A few years later, the sleeve formed part to the traveling exhibition “Undercover”, curated by EmGe Kolektiv, presenting a vast selection of cover designs from the recent independent music scene circuit.

Popsimonova’s portrait was illustrated after a fashion photoshoot by Shąvi Ląvi of the Berlin-based fashion art team Degenerotika. The portrait was never commercially used.