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UZS12 promo online copy

Online announcement designs for cassette and compact disc releases by Umrijeti za strojem, for (T)reue um (T)reue/Slušaj najglasnije (2012)

DCF 1.0

Ltd edition compact disc designs for Umrijeti za strojem, assembled from two thick cardboard 7″ panels with magenta stripes pasted onto the sleeve and an extra picture sleeve envelope with complete discography listing.

DCF 1.0

“Ponavljanje je majka učenja” (meaning: Repetition is the mother of study”) is Umrijeti za strojem’s first commercially available retrospective, covering the entire discography from 2006 up to 2012. Initially available on double cassette and compact disc, the format variations feature different photography sequences by Eadweard J. Muybridge, including different contents and colour codes.



_MG_1628 lowRes B“Raw File” (2012) is a series of visuals commenting on beauty stereotypes, the everlasting social obsession with adjusting on a desired level of “perfection”. Originally a set of 4 digitally manipulated portraits, some of the visuals were accompanying the work of the electro-pop project Split Personalities in a series of inserts enclosed with the compact disc “Everyone Is Lost Behind the Headlines” (0.5, 2012).

Photography by Darija Cikač & Neven Muretić.

DCF 1.0

A various artists’ promotional release, “Overmeasure”  was a limited edition compact disc, featuring the recordings of Popsimonova, Split Personalities, Hemendex and Ilegalne emocije, left off their official releases for 0.5 in 2012.

DCF 1.0

Jacket fold out inspired by clothes designs from Natascha Plum and Aleksandra Žiravac.

People you may know (2012)A series of 4 monochromatic B2 decollage posters, “People You may Know” first appeared as part of the packaging design for the mini-album “Pogled u nefašizam” (“A View To Non-Fascism”, 2011), by Umrijeti za strojem. The visuals are a straight-forward commentary on the loss of individuality and relativisation of human tragedy under the totalitarian circumstances. Each visual refers to historical and modern times, marking the sad fact societies still tend to be enslaved by the invisible authority in god-worshipping fashion.

The work was exhibited at the International Exhibition of Graphic Design and Visual Communications – ZGRAF 11, Zagreb, Croatia, in early 2012 – winning the 3rd international prize (“ZGRAF 2”), awarded by the International Jury: Barbara deWilde (USA), Boris Ljubičić (HR), Rick Poynor (UK), Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFares (LE/ NL) and Niklaus Troxler (CH).



“Pogled u nefašizam” (meaning: A view to non-fascism) is Umrijeti za strojem’s first proper mini-album released in 2011, after a modest run of critically acclaimed singles. The title phrase derived from Michel Foucault’s theoretical writings. The package comes along with 4 inserts, featuring visuals from the B2 poster series “People You May Know”.